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lundi 1 mars 2010

Tristes Tropiques.. 30 Hours in Miami Part B

I sat with my sister for hours, chatting and catching up on common news. Since her treatment began in July 2009, I have tried to be here at appropriate moments of her therapy, and at least once a month. She lives in Miami and I live in Paris. She always feels good on Day 1 of the therapy, in days to follow, she begins to feel the ravages of chemotherapy but she has remarkable ability to bounce back. Good Luck to her..
It was then, I began to feel bad, physically I mean. A combination of fatigue and head ache, weakness in the legs. This is truly the price to pay to visit USA. I am aware of the lack of food availability in the Indian reservations. I try not to eat BAD FOOD that meant going hungry or eating just a bit or drinking coffee to ward off hunger, or eating the food brought over from France. The snow was more than two feet high so going out for leisurely strolls, or driving out in the snow to the nearest town 50 km away in the dark for dinner.. It was bitterly cold minus 5 F to minus 15 F, when i drive out to work in the morning, to the clinic a few minutes away. Only two meals, one Thai and one Vietnamese were satisfying. A patient wanted to eat out at Olive Garden, a place striving to be a restaurant, a mistake on my part, the Eggplant parmigiana was not one of their signature dishes. The nail in the coffin was the dinner on my last night there at a restaurant in a small town called The Green Lantern on the banks of the Missouri River.
Fish? Farm Grown
Chicken? Origin Uncertain.
Certainly I was not about to eat Steak, which was probably the best culinary choice here, but not after seeing the hundreds of cattle under conditions of cruelty in their life and death at nearby meat packing plants and "cattle" factories. (they pollute the air, the pollute the earth, they pollute the bodies)
I opted for chicken with grilled mushrooms and rice pilaf! Dont get excited, check for yourself the picture..attached.
Exhaustion, plus chemical food on a detoxified stomach. ( Quiberon, Paris, KL and Cochin in the first 37 out of 45 days of this year 2010)... and I was in the state I was.. Even flying First Class does not guarantee you freedom from Chemicals.. in fact it is worse since they dont give you anything in the Economy Class!
Less is definitely Better even in this context..
This brings me to what I have always believed in-Genetic Loyalty when it comes to food. Eat food that your genes can recognize- in my case Indian and Asian Foods. Not Hamburger. Not French Fries. No Soft Drinks etc etc..Only the food recognized by our bodies can build up our immune system! that is what I believe since foreign food which is dissimilar to your genetic memory would harm you... (dont you wonder about 68% obesity in America and 45 % obesity in Malaysia and Australia and UK waiting to top the Scales?)
Western food, unless it is French, de toxified food will make me sick. Asian food will rejuvenate me. Alas! my next asian trip and Durian Pancakes at Mandarin Oriental and Baby Duck at Restoran Oversea are five months away!