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samedi 22 mars 2008

Poem for a New Morning of Love…written in
Yangon in Myanmar…

It is time to go, dear friends
Someone or other is waiting..
Where was that?
Is there a table set for me in Australia
Where the fading autumns once coloured my desires?
It is I, that person who waits and waits and waits
For those who eagerly plant a kiss
And are ready to leave
On the rainbow path of their dreams
To raise flowers and wheat and honey
Sea, wind and Salt know who I am and that I am waiting
Here I am
Wet, salty, smile larger than a waterfall
Holding on to my dreams with a string of tears
Singing songs of a glorious sunset
I shall always be waiting for…

Each discovery a new dream
Present me with a plaque of lost memories
Where does one encounter a cemetery for lost memories
Do they bury them with elaborate rituals
Like the hindu bodies being burned on the
Tongues of the earth of the delta of irrawady
Silenced forever by the gurgles of myth magic tragic reality

We come in and out
Wander through this palace of wonders
That is our mind
Our desires and our dreams
One moment one is alone, the other asleep
United in another planet, in another reality
Souls migrating in the infinite
Such is life..

Once the boundaries of expectations are broken
Nothing stands in the way
It is the desires that we must curb
That greed puts borders on our fantasies
A man who owns no clothes is not afraid of nudity
Just you and the wide world of words and images
Of trees river and music

And an occasional kiss from
Doctor Yehuda Kovesh
Endocrinologist to the indigenous
Medical anthropologist to the voracious
An Australian
A Jew
More importantly
A brother, A Son, A Father
A Friend and A Lover….