vendredi 10 novembre 2017


It is 5 pm on this Friday evening, 10 November 2017. The sun has eased its strength and squalls and the rain seemed to have left for elsewhere.
I am sitting in my comfortable abode just one block away from the Sea, protected by the wall, Malecon, from the fury of its waves, which often come walkabout across the road.
I have been staying at this apartment for about one year now and I have always felt very comfortable here. I attributed it to the Feng Shui of the place, till Adela Dworin, the President of the Jewish Community of Havana told me the story.
Patronato or the Jewish centre is a short walk away from this area, and the houses are in good shape and kempt in rather good order.
Before they left for Miami or elsewhere, this used to be the Jewish Quarter of the people from the synagogue who lived here so that they could walk to the Synagogue on Shabbat. Adela Dworin was born and has lived all her life in this neighbourhood, where the Jewish presence is now reduced to her. (And of course myself, when I am in town that does not make a crowd)
She knew the building where I lived and she said: the landlord was a Jew by the name of Isaac Gurevich. Now I could make the connection. I am living in a house where Jews had lived before, perhaps for 50-75 years! So it was not Feng Shui but the presence of Jewish Spirits.
I asked Adela for two candles so when I light the candles tonight, there would be an added significance.

The Jewish presence continues!
 Entrance to the synagogue
 Adela Dworin is the president of the Jewish Community, Patronato
 They were expecting a large group of Americans for the Shabbat celebrations
 Pointing out to my name at the entrance 
I remembered the time when they were hardly any one after the Shabbat Services.
American Jews have always been very supportive of the Jewish Community of Havana.
There is a Sephardic Synagogue as well as a Orthodox one, where there is a Chabad presence.

Shabbat Shalom..