vendredi 6 octobre 2017


This country is immense, and most of us just touch small patches of it. I cannot claim to have traveled it well rather than in patches: Florida, Texas, Nebraska and South Dakota, Iowa; all more or less flat states, with no great claim for natural beauty, except in isolated parts. Also the population diversity of this country, gives Texas to Mexicans; Florida to Cubans; Nebraska and Iowa to the Germans, with the smattering of multiple other nationalities, sometimes incongruously placed: Somali in Sioux City, Iowa; Sudanese in Omaha, Nebraska. Immigrants are welcomed but their struggles are different from the native born or those in the professional class, native, immigrant or foreign.
When one is struggling to survive in a competitive capitalistic society, there is little time or inclination to be nice to each other or show solidarity for their plight.  America is changing so fast that we tend to forget what it looked, felt and talked like just a couple of decades ago.
 I had a chance to experience America, which is well hidden, one of the more beautiful parts of this large country with sweet people to match its beauty.
Northern Minnesota as the leaves were falling in multitudes of colours, the lakes tranquil but deeply breathing the light that falls on it, to share the glow with us. Very genuine people, healthy looking to boot, I enjoyed so much my drive through Northern Minnesota and enjoyed meeting a variety of people.

It was a memorable visit for me.