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jeudi 6 avril 2017


One sentence from the brasilian movie, Central do Brasil, starring Fernanda Montenegro has stuck in my brain:
Tenho saudades de tudo
I have longings for every thing.
It is quite different for desires, as I found out while strolling towards the South Indian restaurant in search of a dosa near KLCC in Kuala Lumpur this morning.
Shops after shops of latest fashions and I had no desires for them, so their presence is not registered in my mind.
But in the heart, one has longings, for several people and also several places.
But I wanted to pay tribute to three people I thought of, especially in this context. I always think of my close friends in Miami (J/J, M/G) and my Omaha Indian family (A/M/W) and my sweethearts in Cuba.
But this morning, three people stood out in my heart. in the context of being in Kuala Lumpur, after the long flight from Miami.
Few days ago when I was driving to the airport in Havana, at the begining of this journey, there was a poster of Fidel Castro, showing him at five different stages of his life: student leader, revolutionary, Jefe/Comandante, World statesman and the Elderly man of wisdom.
I said to Jorge who was driving me to the airport: Extrano Fidel. I miss Fidel. He shook his head in agreement.
This morning as I was approaching the KLCC in KL, I said to myself, the very same sentences, I miss Fidel. In these turbulent times, we need an International statesman of his stature and his level headedness. 
The last time I was in KL, in November 2016, my brother Eliyahu was with me, I missed very much this morning.
especially he is such a good companion to go out to eat.
I would be eating at the following feast, if he was here with me.

Another friend/s that I fondly thought of was/were: MGW. I didnt miss them becasue I knew they were lapping it all up on a slow cruise to Europe, on their way to their first stop at Ponta Delgada in Acores. But I want to plan a trip to KL with them, with an added side trip to Siem Reap before the year is out.
,My brother Eliyahu, who was born in Bombay and grew up in Kobe, has soft soft for Dosai, the south Indian delicacy, so I ordered one and sat in silence, reading an excellent book by 
Marc Auge: A sense for the Other. The timelessness and relevance of Anthropology
Who was the third person? to whom I owe such an immense apology. NMH had come twice to meet me here in KL and when we would walk out of this hotel, the clock tower from the British times would always remind me of NMH who embellished my love for Iran. I missed NMH this morning and I can only say: I am glad for those times, of the love in the time of the monsoons and the rains.
Wherever in the world you are, NMH, I wish you happiness and contentment.
Life moves forward, our times together has become memories, some to be forgotten and others difficult to forget, I look forward to other encounters and other passions.