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dimanche 23 avril 2017


Sitting amidst this silence at the Blue House in the Omaha Indian reservation, given the luxury of time, the elevation of spirit and the caress of solitude, my mind intermittently wanders off and I think of my lovers and friends there ..

In no other place in the world, I have felt MUSIC and its words so intertwined with the lives of the people as in my Isla Rica, CUBA.. Creative and innovative, the music portrays a people in pain and pleasure, in conflict and confusion, in joy and celebration.
Think of my dear friends, left behind in their isolation,while I wander around the world, talking about them, longing to be with them.

I was visiting Ecuador, at Quito at a cafe called Cafe Bean, I sat down to write songs of longings for my island and to accompany each of the poems I had to choose a song. As I was writing about the pain of loosing someone I loved, the best song was the one by Maria Teresa Vera

¡¡Grande MARIA TERESA VERA.-Aquí canta la original letra para cantarla un hombre. Para cantarla una mujer sería,en general, más adecuada esta letra: "Me quisiste lo se, yo también te he querido, me olvidaste después, pero yo no he podido a sufrir por tu amor, me condenó el destino; qué le vamos a hacer yo tenía que perder y he perdido contigo /bis Tantos amores buenos que con fe me adoraron, yo les negué el cariño que inocente te he dado, pero fuiste tan cruel que jugaste conmigo; qué le vamos a hacer, yo tenía que perder y he perdido contigo /bis".

There are many popular versions of this song, Omara Portuondo, that grand dame of Cuban "feelin" has a version and I was happy to see one by the legend, EL CIGALO

here you can also hear another great Cuban musician, Pancho Amat.
Love and Music, affections and tropical languorous afternoons, friendships tattoed to your heart, everything carries me to you..