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lundi 6 février 2017


During my ongoing visits to Fort Cochin, I have met some wonderful friends, and I must say some of them have become good friends.
I had a chance to interact with some of the today and at the end of the day despite being tired I had such a lovely sensation of having lived a good day, part of a good life.
I was absolutely touched and then made me wonder, if there are millions of Malayalees abroad, but where are they? How come the interactions change when I meet a Malayalee at Oryx Rotana in Qatar or Hilton Salalah? I have never met a Malayalee in the USA or in KL or Singapore... why is that?
Why such a chasm?
If I were a follower of Sadhguru I would say that the chasm is within myself. When I am here I am at my best and I get their best and I have a wonderful time. When I am in the USA or Qatar or Oman or Malaysia, I am not at my best as I am guided by clues related to the environment and I don’t seek out any opportunity. But it bothers me that this group of people in Fort Cochin who are so wonderful, their cousins in the USA cannot be that different?
Today I met two Malayalees who are running a very successful construction company that employs over 1000 other Malayalees in Abu Dhabi
I was with a good friend of mine, who wears many caps, including Under Secretary of State in the Federal Government for Minorities, a private high level high school in Nelspruit and has the Mercedes Benz agency and I don’t know what else, as he very seldom talks about what he does and he makes himself available when I am here in Cochin.
Also I was introduced to the first and possibly the only Raw food restaurant in India, and met the brains behind this idea, fueled by his own success of throwing away Insulin after adopting this diet. He has also bought some land near Munnar so that he can have a Fruit tree Forest.
Such innovative people. Such hard workers, these Malayalees of Cochin.
Afterwards the Last Jew of Cochin joined us for coffee and cakes, with him I went to one of the best SOUQs that I have seen much better than the ones in Muscat or Doha, with thousands and thousands of little shops selling everything. The next time I am here in Cochin, I will have an extra suitcase and also a day to shop for all the tchotchkes that I can take back to my friends in Cuba.
Today also gave me a good chance to examine cultural identities, in conversation with a wonderful man who is the son of the last Indian Army superindent of British Punjab. I also recollected the four different pillars of identity given by Sadhguru  Buddhi Ahankara Namas and Chitta .. How am I different from these wonderful people I met today? Am I that different because of my passport and my connections to Cuba?
Then I thought about my own dear ones
My brother who speaks Japanese who was born in Bombay and grew up in Asia and lives in Portland, Oregon
My sister who was born in England, who speaks Jamaican Creole and lives in Miami, Florida?
And I, who was born in a British Protectorate and speak English with an Australian memory and live in Cuba?
So the Buddhi in each one of us, the one that is attached to the memory is so different but we are so similar but we don’t allow our passports and our places of residence to divide us. We each have to divest ourselves of our memory to accentuate our relationship and that is our nationality which American Indians would say, Mitakuye Oyasin, we are all related.
It was a long day, it was a full day and I am grateful