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lundi 20 juillet 2015


No puedo vivir sin ternura
One cannot live without tenderness
Pablo Neruda once wrote
Sabre acariciar las neuvas flores por que tu me ensenaste la ternura
I shall know how to touch new flowers gently because you taught me tenderness
When I was a recent graduate doctor in Melbourne, so much in love with my profession and a fellow doctor, the words,
I want to whisper my love to the wind to touch your hearing,
Had more than just romantic sensation but I wonder how someone can be a source of such inexhaustible tenderness
I have been in search of it, guided by the above thoughts, as I became conscious of the infinite sweetness of this world, on my way from Miami to Melbourne via London, with my medical diploma tucked under my arms.
If such words synchronized with passion, I knew that paradise existed.

That was and that is the best construction for me, Tenderness with passion with Lovers;
Tenderness with sensuality with friends.
When I found Cuba, I knew a country of tenderness existed. I cannot think of any other country which is tenderer than Cuba. But tenderness can exist among individuals in all parts of the world.
Culture, Country and Expected behavior may modify the tenderness in individuals. Cuba enhances it and many countries such as Malaysia or France may extinguish it
Now you can stop wondering why I love Cuba so much
It is the so called reality that puts out the fire of tenderness. Fears, complexes, inability to be pure, all interfere with it.

I have been asked more than once in my life, your words are so full of tenderness but are they real or carry an agenda of their own?
Recently in Cuba I experienced that familiar feeling of already liking a person before you had met them, only to be asked, why are you so intense about new friendships?
To me, all new friendships deserve intensity and friendships will find their own level of equilibrium. Allow the friendships that freedom to be where it wants to be, do not manipulate it, intentionally or subconsciously.
Give a chance to reality; everything sinks to the lowest level.

Just in one month, I met so many wonderful people, in South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Brasil, Colombia and Cuba. To each of them I extended my arms and a bit of my heart. Some were suspicious but I was the winner with some new friendships, great amount of wisdom added to this universe of affections.
Some are unable to receive or reciprocate affections given without restrictions (Bordes is a nice word in Spanish in this context), but they may have 1000 different reasons. I talked to everyone I met in Medellin-taxi drivers, receptionists, waiters, flight attendants; they all enriched my life and Thank You.

I can say, I believe and offer, Tenderness without Borders.
The treasury, that great bakery in the sky of unending tenderness is still Cuba.

When I arrived in the small village of Quiberon in the Brittany coast, I was greeted with such tenderness that I fell in love once again all over again with the entire world. Such strong innocent feelings can exist-without asking anything in return.