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lundi 20 octobre 2014


This blog is to break your stereotypic view of what the North American Indians consume.
When I was preparing to write this blog, I thought about the common nature of the philosophies of American Indians and Yogic and Buddhist philosophies. When I saw this quote from Swami Sivananda, I thought what the Black Elk had said on a similar theme.

Prepare the soil of your heart. The Guru will appear before you and sow the spiritual seed.
Sri Swami Sivananda

No other people in recent memory had to adjust to an uninvited group of people into their country as much as the American Indians had to. The food changed, the residence changed, the way of procuring a living changed and other belief systems were imposed.
One hundred years after the loss of freedom of the American Indians, I as a foreigner to their land in every sense of the world am confronted with the problems of their history and collaborate with them to find an answer.
I was recently visiting a Youth Diabetes Prevention Programme among the Lakota Indians. I am always glad to visit them because they are one of the successful programmes and the workers are very enthusiastic about their mission.
Taking a page from the Indian Philosophy about Sharing, Food as Medicine and Relationship, we made the best use of our lunchtimes to take turns to prepare fresh food for us all that we then shared over conversations and other pleasantries. There was a cementing of the relationships between all of us, and food was the symbol.

We are humbled about our work, the social nature of it and the success we have and most of all the relationships we have built with young and old members of the various communities in this vast reservation of Indians.

So Bon Apetite!