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jeudi 6 février 2014


About to arrive at Doha, thank you J,T of QR for a most pleasant flight.
Also to K, M, D,J
What a glorious end to a short and sweet journey to my friends at Sentul/Bogor!
(photo taken at the Farewell Lunch at the offices of my good friend HP in Bogor, Indonesia on 4 february 2014)
Thoughts triggered by this QR flight.

What is the trigger for this connection that you make to another human being?
Does the brain trigger it? I don't think so.

There are symbolic gestures, actions, facial expressions, manners of speaking with appropriate tone and careful use of words that trigger a connection two people and it is then that the brain does its part by some by secreting some neuro- transmitter or hormone like substances such as Endorphins preparing the body to enhance the sensations about to arrive.

That reminded me of a line from a poem by the Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda
The exaggerated sensations one feel when the mind is content in the presence of another person
It is as if a moment like that has never happened before.

The closest description could be innocence. It is what innocence means to me.
A few minutes, enjoyed in full of its mindfulness.
Mindfulness, the neuroscientists tell us, is the careful attention and the skillful use of both your inner and outer worlds.

A conversation, combines the collected experiences of two people in deep conversation and when we say, it was good chatting with you, it is not just a polite way of thanking for the conversation but thanking the other person for opening the pathways for this good experience to become part of yourself.

A good conversation would teach us, from our experiences of many other conversations, not all of which would have triggered such innocent delights, A good conversation would teach us to become more aware of the other person to whom you are talking to, communicating with, connecting into the same universal world.

In a way we could say that both participants in a good conversation become better persons because of the contact. Our conversation teaches us to become more aware of the world around us, each of us becoming teachers and pupils at the same time. This is in addition to the values we have learned in the past, such as not judging people while appreciating the qualities of their minds.
In other words, as one Kalahari Bushman would say:
I am waiting for my story to return. For that I have to bend my ears backwards and listen intensively to the wind, because I know there is a story in the wind.

A good conversation allows the wind to bring the other persons story to your ears. Especially if your ears are bent backwards to receive that wind!

I am waiting for the wind to bring the words of K!