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mercredi 12 février 2014


I have been lucky to have been able to combine my profession (Medicine) , my passion (Anthropology) and Travel, almost always combining the three. It works for me, I do not recommend it to others since this sort of nomadic life is suited to a certain type of personality who is not afraid of INSECURTY, CHAOS in emotional and social terms.
What is certain and never changing are your friends. You cannot choose your family, so I have chosen my friends well. My good friends are scattered around the globe, for many of them, it might not be as easy to travel, because of time constraints, as it is for me. So I go and see them.
My last visit was to Bogor to spend time with Indonesian and Malaysian friends. In one week, I travelled from Miami to Jakarta ( I wont bore you with details of stopovers, long waits at airline lounges, and sleepless nights), three days of deep friendship and then left to go to  Europe, with excellent care from Qatar Airways.
Here is a sort of summary of one year of traveling. I very seldom travel for pleasure in that there is always some Medical or Anthropological work involved as I am involved in several projects.
If you see lots of pictures of food in this blog, it is because I am fond of eating small amounts of delicious food, being partial to Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Persian and Lebanese cuisines when I travel.
I almost never eat European food when I am in Asia or during my travels.
(in the above article, a self proclaimed Malaysian Foodie recommends where to eat Chicken: KFC, Kenny Rogers and Popeye's. Do you wonder why the Malaysians are so overweight?)

In Miami, I am lucky to have a sister who can cook up a storm, Jamaican and Lebanese being her specialty. Her husband and I enjoy our dinners together! Above, a well known Jamaican dish: Ackee and Saltfish
Miami has many Pan-Asian restaurants, Thai being the most popular.
My other good Foodie Partners in Miami are my friends G and M. Above at a Cuban-Jewish Resto at Lincoln Road in Miami Beach

Miami is surrounded by water, so it is good to be out on the water..
FRIENDSHIP FOOD at the same time to be of service to others.

Jan/February 2014
Europe to USA                 American Airlines
USA to Jakarta/Bogor      United and ANA
Jakarta to Europe             Qatar
December 2013
Europe to USA                 United
Mexico to Easter Island and back to Miami   LAN
Miami to Honolulu and Back    American Airlines
Miami to Europe               United
October-November 2013
Europe to Singapore       British Airways
Singapore to Miami         Swiss Airways
Miami to Salalah, Oman  Lufthansa
Oman to Europe               Turkish Airways
September-October 2013
Dusseldorf to Miami               Air Berlin
Miami to Europe                      TAP Portugal
July-August 2013
Europe to USA                        US Airways
Miami to Honolulu and Back  American Airways
Miami to Europe                       Turkish Airways
June 2013
Miami to Buenos Aires and Back       LAN
Miami to Europe                                  Lufthansa
Europe to Bali                                      Swiss
Singapore to Europe                          Lufthansa
May 2013
Europe to USA                        Turkish Airlines
April 2013
USA to Europe                        United
Europe to Malaysia                 Egyptair
Malaysia to Europe                 Egyptair
March 2013
USA to  Cambodia                  United and Thai
Indonesia to Europe               China Air and LH
Europe to USA                        LH
February 2013
Europe to USA                        United
January 2013
Europe to USA                        United
USA to Europe                        United

Eating in Phnom Penh with my friends from Indonesia and  Malaysia 
 Above, eating in Indonesia..
 Above, eating in Malaysia including KL and Genting and KT
Above, one week of Airline Food

Multitudes of short haul flights are not mentioned,
In the USA, Europe or Asia
As you can see I am loyal to  Star Alliance
 (Gold,1k Premier at United)
And One World (Emerald, Exec Plat at American), I am sure I have clocked, easily, 250,000 air miles this past year. May the Luck continue!
Favourite places are without doubt:
La Habana
American Indians, I visit distinct tribes in various states.
Bogor in Indonesia
Kuala Lumpur
This list for 2013
I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve the American Indians ( I have an Omaha, a Kickapoo and a Lakota sister). I am grateful for my family (Miami, Bruselas, Baracoa, La Habana, Portland, Yakima, Hocank)wherever they are, thankful for all the friends and other lovers! 
 Some of the places I have visited, but still another thousand places to go!
 It would be nice to be as industrious and gentlemanly a traveller like the great navigator Zheng He!
   (may this syncretic Cuban European American Asian Native Jewish life continue!)
For 2014,
Hope I can fly QR more!
Hope I can continue with my quarterly visits to Asia. When India introduces Visa on Arrival in October, I would like to return to Cochin.
Next trips:
Europe to USA
USA to Asia
Asia to Europe