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jeudi 2 janvier 2014


A letter to my Carbohydrate Guru
A Question on this first day of the year 2014
Can Champagne give you Hypoglycaemia?

The breakfast, bought at the village market place, was a round bread, resembling Nan, the east Indian bread, with coffee and sugar. Just before going to the airport, I had a glass of freshly made Guava Juice.

During the flight, a small glass of sparkling wine, and then a plate of lasagna, stuffed with crabmeat, with a drinkable sauvignon blanc from southern climes. Instead of a fresh fruit platter, I chose a mango tart with chocolate.

 On arrival at an airport four hours later, I was relaxing at the Airport Lounge, when a bottle of champagne caught my eye, with some sushi placed next to it. 
 When I drank the bubbly, I just didn't feel right, having developed a nose for that wine in France. I had earlier drank a glass of apricot juice.
I stood up to leave, i felt a warm sensation in my body. It is cold at the airport, like all other airports even when the weather outside is balmy, but why was I feling warm?
I was a bit worried.
I sat down, took my pulse, it was regular but a little fast, 93/min.
I began sweating, in the forehead and in the back, but no chest pain! No dizziness. Could I have a bleeding ulcer with all the alcoholic indulgences of the past few days?
Then I thought to myself, could I be having a reactive Hypoglycaemia?
Could the high carbohydrate intake of the day increased my insulin secretion and then dropped the sugar dramatically?
I tried to do an experiment on my self. Since I am not a big eater, my total caloric intake would not be extreme, but today the carbohydrate content of it, much of it in fast absorbing fashion, was more than the normal.
I reached out for a Regular Coca Cola, the poison to drink at moments like these!
(I had written a blog a couple of years ago: When to drink this poison?)
I drank a few gulps of that drink, I did feel slightly better. Few teaspoons of chirimoya ice cream, the pulse now down to 88/min.
10 minutes later, I could feel a distinct difference, the sweating had stopped. My fear of being driven to a hospital in an ambulance vanished as well.
As I left the lounge, I thought to myself,
a little bit of knowledge of medicine is good indeed!
and also such logic would come in handy when patients present their everyday complaints that don't fall in the realm of ready made answers.
What do you think, CH2O guru?
If you agree with my analysis, then clearly the CH2O content in the diet of that day, the proportion of it in the total calories probably critical, taking into consideration
that the writer is
of asian origin
is relatively thin with a BMI hovering around 22 something
reasonably aware of Diet and Nutrition
Building up to that flight back to Miami, for the past three days, the only protein content of my meals had been two white fish of medium size, some  tuna inside an empanada, and a can of sardines from France
Also walked about eight miles each day!

PS on the flight to Miami, I had a steak dinner. No bread. No rice.