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mercredi 1 janvier 2014


2013 has been a good year for travel..the usual culprits
UK, which to me still remains London
France, which this year were visits to Quiberon, Bretagne
Belgium, where it was mainly Brussels

In the USA, from my permanent residence in Miami, to various Indian reservations, not the usual tourist tracks but certainly off the beaten track:
Walthill, Nebraska
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
Eagle Pass, Texas
Neah Bay, Washington
Yakima, Washington
and this year it was a pleasant addition  to Honolulu.

Work related travels took me to 
Indonesia  mainly Bogor
Malaysia and Singapore, mainly for transits
Cambodia, with its excellent Peer Education Network

Travel is never just to sightsee in my case, it is always couched in some medical or anthropological guise. Oman for Obesity, Isla de Pascua for cultural conflict, Salalah for the Omani generosity, Honolulu to see the America of tomorrow.

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