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mardi 26 novembre 2013


We always hear, such and such a group are friendly, so and so are friendly, but are we friendly? why is that the same person behaves in a different fashion in various countries.

Recently I stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Salalah, and today I received a short note from the receptionist there:
Take care always for my favorite guest. :)

When I am in Cuba, I will initiate a conversation with anyone and everyone that comes across my path, also there is a smile for every one. As my good friend from Bogor would day: a smile is a must.
(I met HP over a smile at a desolate airport one early morning and very soon we became good friends, even though we live 12 000 miles from each other)

I must tell you a recent "horrible" incident that happened to me while I was shopping at a Grocery with my sister in Miami.
We were in a good mood and chatting and were looking some snacks to take me with me to the desert. I was wandering through the aisles, and saw a big, middle aged, rather big, black lady who had earphones on.
I patted her gently on the back and said: are you having a nice day?

Her response filled me with horror! what has made the people descend to such levels? they may have a thousand reason to say what they wanted but where is the natural, human dignity?
She said:
That is an invasion of privacy, she frowned

Can you imagine how I felt disgusted at her comment? I rather felt sorry for her, in a way, a poor black lady and who is grossly obese and I thought I would be friendly. I realized that she probably is friendless because she does not want to be friends!

In the last country I was in, with a large number of immigrant labour, i made sure that i chatted with every one and the response was enormous. They all had their individual stories they wanted to share and i made friends with so many people, including the receptionist who wrote to say the above!

When I arrived at the Brussels airport, I was in the same mood but soon realized that my attempts at friendliness would be interpreted as an "invasion of privacy"

There was an elderly hassid sitting waiting for some visitors, and I wanted so much to and say to him, ich bin ein yid fun australia. but I resisted lest it be misinterpreted.

But the taxi driver who spoke English spilled out his story for me, how nice I thought, people want to be friendly but the society inhibits them and many of them dont have the courage to override the societal forces. 

I am determined to be as friendly as i can with every one who comes across my path.