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lundi 1 juillet 2013


On a recent visit to South East Asia, to Malaysia and Indonesia, discussions with my friends made one realize that in a very short period of time, there has been a shift in the minds of the Asians. There was a blind adoration of all things western which was normal as the countries were coming out of colonialism. Now Asians, like many Asian descendants in the West, are no longer ashamed of being Asians and dont have to make an apology.
During a nice evening under the stars in Gotong Jaya, my good friend C, had introduced me a person MF, who now exemplifies the new world order. Intellectually on par with anyone if not surpassing a westerner, but at the same time maintaining certain good aspects of being Asian, such as the strong family ties.
The Western Hegemony is over, said my friend C. That does not mean we think of ourselves as superior or not listen to the westerners but go back to the age old wisdom of the American Indians: We are all related, we are connected more than ever. Only a fool now would say, East is better than the West or vice versa, but it is good to find the place where there is a good fit with your cultural/intellectual leanings and aspirations. or in some cases, oscillate between the magnets that attracts you.
It is always important in this everchanging and fluctuant world of interconnectivity and knowledge transfer, that you know WHO you are.. What you are is becoming less and less important, even more your passport and national identification, apart from some deep values.
It was so good to watch a talk given by Paddy Ashdown on TED brussels.

I highly recommend any one interested in this rapidly changing world to give it a and the world would be better off for it ...