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dimanche 21 avril 2013


Malaysia likes to pride itself as Truly Asia, but the influx of superficial western experiences, cities in Malaysia, such as KL and Malacca are beginning to look their counterparts elsewhere. Malacca once possessed great charm, but since becoming a World Heritage City, the majority of visitors to Malaysia go there, with it has gone its village charm.
Malaysia has good infrastructure for interstate travel but that does not guarantee a comfortable trip. A bus fitted with luxury business class type seats promised comfort but driving at 90 km along roads made for lesser speed, instead provided a jittery experience.
Arriving at Kuala Trengganu central bus station, one meets the realistic Malaysia of third world reality, chaos, and suitable dirt. People are friendly even at the early hours at the bus station.
 Walking around this town, one gets a feeling of a real Malaysia, not a hyped up, "we are a developed" nation hysteria, but shows all the struggles of a country trying to modernize itself, despite taking wrong turns.
A 500 million ringgit religious complex with models of mosques of the world graces the river when there is no provision for a good primary care system.
The Chinese are a prominent presence here, historically having been here for a very long period of time. Malays have to be reminded that they too are immigrants to this land, the original inhabitants still live sequestered away in the jungle.
Apart from fulfilling an obligation to visit friends in this town which has a homey feeling to it, what attracts me, is its ancient connection with Zheng He/Cheng Ho . I will visit the temple that honour the visit of the great admiral of the seas.

For an authentic flavour of Malaysia, come to Kuala Trengganu...