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dimanche 7 avril 2013


The breakfast was being prepared as I came back from my brisk morning walk. Machacada, which is sliced meat; and specially prepared Refried Beans for me (without pork portion, but with olive oil). It was prepared by my kikapu sister and a mascogo from Nacimiento de los negros in Coahuila.
They also made their tortillas, so no need to worry about chemical pollution of this ancient bread of the Indians.

Decided to walk across the border to Mexico. In fact, you can park your car near the Border and walk across the bridge into Mexico.
My good friend, Dra. E sees patients two days a week in this border town of Piedras Negras. She has amassed a reputation because she combines her occidental medical knowledge with complimentary medicine: homeopathy, rejuvenation therapy as well as Ozone Therapy.
My project with her is to study the effect of Ozone therapy in the prevention and treatment of Chronic Renal Failure in patietns with Diabetes.
USA does not accept Ozone therapy as a form of treatment but it is widely used in many countries for the past 50 years. Cuba is a leader in Ozone therapy, holds regular sessions for all those who may benefit. The Institute there also educates doctors from all over Latin America. That is where Dra E got her training in Ozone Therapy.
I will not go in great details suffice to say that I have seen a great benefit in prevention and treatment of Chronic Renal Failure in patients with Diabetes.
Every now and then I have a session of Ozone Therapy. I feel very energetic afterwards and that sensation lasts for a while, weeks.
What I can confirm is that it is an excellent form of therapy, in conjunction with ordinary therapy for many chronic disorders. When my sister in Miami was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, I thought of bringing her to Mexico for Ozone therapy, to reduce the inflammation caused by the powerful drugs. 

Not many places in the world, a border such as USA-Mexico exist, a very rich country sharing a border with a much poorer country. The river divides the two countries and they are truly worlds apart. Even though most of the border towns on the American side populated mainly by people of Mexican descent and speak Spanish, there is a difference in the mindset of the people and like many migrants to the USA, these mexicans in the USA are not very proud of their culture.
Kikapu maintain their spiritual home in Mexico and they have no conflict about it. 
My sister always says: I am a Kikapu when I am in Mexico, and I am a Kikapu when I am in the USA.. but i am neither mexican nor american. 
It teaches us that we really dont have to give up our cultures thinking  it is easier to integrate into the mainstream society..
Walked back in to American Territory on the bridge over rio bravo...The drive back to San Antonio took two hours and thirty minutes.
I had checked into Hilton Hotel and a Black Sorority was having their annual function there and it was a sea of blue, with black women adding fragrance to the place filling the lounge and common places with an increased energy.
Time for Dinner, a simple Thai dinner at a Resto nearby.