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lundi 8 octobre 2012


After a short stop in Houston, arrived at San Antonio Airport, 11 hours from Paris to Houston and a short 40 minutes from Houston to San Antonio.
My friends were waiting for me at the Airport. They had come up from Mexico.
Dr E is one of the more holistic physicians I have met anywhere in the world and in her hands, her patients get better, whatever form of the treatment she administers to them: allopathic or homeopathic or natural or ozone therapy. I know many cases of "miraculous" cures or successful treatments by her, but the fundamental aspect is that she pays an enormous amount of importance on the patient and her interaction with the patient rather than the efficacy of the medication or the treatment. She has at least one patient who was put on the list for Dialysis eight years ago but on Ozone therapy continues to do without Nephrologists and Dialysis. Our common ground is that her father who also was a physician had befriended the Kikapu Indians who lived in the nearby Nacimiento, as hunter gatherers and subsistence farmers with an occasional supplemental income from seasonal agricultural work in the USA. She grew up with the worldview that included the Kikapu indians and at the moment she herself treats a fair few Kikapu Indians. 
My Kikapu sister who works for the tribe was also present. Dra E's husband a gentleman rancher from the northern state of Mexico is always a welcome presence during our get together. The last time we were together, six months ago in the bordertown of Eagle Pass in Texas, we had talked about a reunion in San Antonio, and this was it.
I am very grateful for this web of friendship: Muzquiz, Nacimiento, Piedras Negras, Eagle Pass all have entered my world because of the Kikapu. M, my kikapu sister, along with their traditional leader have taught me a thing or two about symbolic healing.
Needless to say we had enough to talk to each other about, we planned to meet in december to celebrate the good doctors wedding anniversary and for us to see some mexican and kikapu patients together in Mexico.
Thanks for making this effort to drive up from Muzquiz, Coahuila, Mexico.