mercredi 18 juillet 2012


The French and the Hamburger

The French are concerned that they have become the SECOND largest consumers of Hamburgers in the European Continent…
For my American friends, get ready for this, they are worried that an average French person eats 14 hamburgers per person per year~
I know people in America who eat that much in just over one week!

But the rise of the hamburger consumption in France is due to its appearance in the menu of Restaurants (fast food outlets are not restaurants), where to calm the intimidation of foreigners faced with an undecipherable menu, they are comforted with an International Food well known to all.
Do you want to know how many hamburgers people in Europe eat?
England tops the list with 17
Germany 12
Spain 8 who would want to eat a hamburger when you have Tapas
Pasta loving Italy 5

And USA, where everything is biggest tallest and fattest, they consume on the average 150 hamburgers per person per year!
OKAY, you skinny French, you have long way to go!
What is the origin of Hamburger, now considered an iconic American food item?

In the 13th Century, the invading Mongol hordes had to rely on eating meat on the march; the meat jerkys kept on their saddle were minced and heated up by the animals body heat and movements. When the grandson of the Great Chengis, the KHAN, Kublai invaded Moscow, the dish of minced meat was introduced to the Muscovites where it was referred as Steak Tartare.
Minced Meat is used in the cuisine of many countries. We of the desert love our Kibbehs!
spicy raw kibbeh
(the bland german version)
Carpaccio we associate with Italy was invented at Harrys Bar in Venice in 1930.
(Beef Carpaccio from Harrys Bar in Venice, Italy)
(the port of Hamburg 1890s)
During the great European migration to the USA, Hamburg was a major port of embarkation and the dish travelled with the immigrants to the USA and Hamburg style steak became popular in the USA in the early part of this century and then the industrialization invented the quick processing and sandwiching of the meat …White Castle and McDo perfected the techniques and now are recognized all over the world.
(a Big Mac)
There is a man who holds a world record for eating the largest number of Big Mac Hamburgers, who has crept into the Guinness Book of Records for having eaten over 25 000 Big Macs in his life. Asked whether he eats the French Fries that came with them, he answered: I don't touch THAT stuff!
(the 25000 Big Mac Man of America)

I think I will have a fresh baguette with Comte Cheese and Smoked Salmon for Lunch. And a strong Nespresso! What else!