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mercredi 10 août 2011

Gorge(ous) Oregon and its Wonderful People


I have always felt that this part of the USA is the most beautiful part ..add to that lovely people.. Imagine engaging in a discourse about ADHD and pesticides with a young man dreaming of an Organic Farm based community with strong convictions about his culture!
Food the variety is mind boggling
The best is of course is the nature
Just a short drive away from Portland you can be in places of breathtaking beauty.
We went on just a short hike with the Columbia River in view.. and also the sandbanks at Hood River..

This is a nice family hike for any one with the ability to walk a mile, rest, and walk a mile back. The trail starts out very broad and easy, climbs a bit and has one or two steep spots, but overall it's quite easy. Little kids will be fine - just hold their hand in one or two spots where there are drop offs. Near the falls the trail loops - you can stay to the right and come back the same way to avoid the sheer drops on the upper trail. It didn't look as though there was anything to be gained by taking the upper loop except some anxious moments, so we stayed low. Near the falls the space opens up and there is plenty of place to throw rocks and play. Take a picnic and find a nice spot to relax. The falls are beautiful and powerful even in late season. We went in mid-September. The leaves were just starting to change a bit, and the canyon and cliff walls were quite impressive near the top. This was a very nice way to spend a few hours with the family on a gorgeous day.
The weather was picture perfect, almost the best weather in all of America during the visit. 80 F during the day 60 F at night low humidity, blue skies and no rain…
Of course for me the best part of it all is that my two brothers live there!