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jeudi 18 août 2011


Amidst the Spiritual Ambience of UmonHon Indian Nation Pow Wow August

There is so much TALK about spirituality these days in all media: electronic and written that people forget that it is something to be felt and lived in rather than talked about or in competition about.
Fake Spirituality is for sale in the West like the Snake Oils for cure of illnesses of the past. It is easy to spot a fake: one that displays competitive spirit ie how well they can do various yoga postures, better than the others; always thinking of a hidden agenda and how to use others to fulfill their agendas. They are in general mediocre people with no real talent but use the hungering of the masses for the nebulous concept of spirituality that they can make a living out of it, or in occasional cases make lots of money out of it.
Being with Indians as the original inhabitants of these two continents are called, a cleansing takes place to observe and consume the simple but powerful bonds among them, the humble behaviour of these strong people and the importance they put on relationships and always, it is doing something for the other person that matters.
I have enjoyed being with them, and I can see that you cannot reach any level of inner consciousness without controlling your ego. The natural lifestyle of the Indians of this continent, demands that your ego is at a lower level, because when your ego is dominant, it builds a wall, and you are looking at the world through a mist, a blurry vision of the world without clarity of purpose.
This is what the Director of the Yoga Institute has to say in the Preface to the thoughts on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Dr Yogendra.
“Classical Yoga claims for itself removing obvious limitations that cloud our consciousness…If the asanas are done just for display and competition…. Or for recreation or merely physical relaxation, it is sure that these do not remove any of these obstacles to spiritual awareness. (that is the handiwork of Kleshas, structural defects of the mind that deter us from realizing our true self). IN FACT SUCH ACTS ONLY STRENGTHEN THE KLESHAS (emphasis is mine)”
The person who introduced me to Classical Yoga repeatedly has written to me: Thoughts or Intentions without action has no value. If you are on a path of self realization or awareness, it has to be accompanied by changes in your way of thinking about yourself, the world and the nature including other people around you.
“The Sanskrit word YOGA, as used by Patanjali, refers to a STATE of MIND where thoughts, emotions and actions are held in check”
There is no place better than the Give Away Ceremonies which are part of the Pow Wow among the Indian tribes of North America.
Yesterday, after mourning for their father for the prescribed four years, the children began to celebrate the event of his journey, with an elaborate process of honouring and showing gratefulness for the many people who had participated in the four year long remembrance.
Western mind think differently, not in any inferior fashion but just differently than the indigenous mind. When celebrating an event, the Indian celebrant is the one who gives the gifts to others, not the one who is receiving the gifts. It is showing your joy by sharing what you have with others, not expecting Gifts as some form of exchange of social bond. To understand another culture, whether it is American Indian or ancient Yoga philosophy, one cannot do a comparative study of one psychology or philosophy against the other, but bring down your ego , admit to your ignorance and allow your mind to clear itself of its limitations and barriers in understanding other forms of thinking. And Please, never come to the Indigenous peoples with Hidden Agendas, in the guise of purporting to help them, you have plans to help yourself. This is not a form of an social exchange so common among the Western Minds, and as can be gleaned well from the study by Marcel Mauss.(The Gift)
It is a fine morning at the UmonHon Indian Reservation. The morning sun is mild and caressing. The temperature is a pleasant 13 C or 60 F.
This morning, my Gratitude List contains the UmonHon family which honoured me by accepting me as a member. I have always felt that during my years with American Indians, they have done more for me than I have been able to do for them as a Consultant Physician.
Mitakuye Oyasin. To all my Relatives..