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vendredi 1 juillet 2011


My brother, like many good jewish men, sells shmatta but the quality of goods he sells, I cant afford to buy! so I am always happy when he gives me a few shirts.. Today I needed one as I was invited to lunch by a good friend who is returning to Cuba after his official duties here. Will miss him! but the blow was softened by nice lamb mussaman curry and genial conversation as well as the good company of my best friend. The view from the 28th floor of G Hotel was superb and one appreciates how green actually KL is. At the ground level, KL looks like a concrete jungle but the view from above tells another story.
It is Friday night, time to light candles and also to wish all my dear friends in the US of A (despite their governments irrational policies towards Cuba) a happy weekend celebrating the Independence.
For those of you who may not be aware, Cuban government educates free of charge close to 18 000 students from all parts of the world to become Doctors and return to their countries to provide health care. this year another five would be leaving for Cuba from Malaysia. There are students from TimorL'este and Bhutan studying Medicine and Cuba also provides medical assistance to Pakistan and Indonesia. I am so proud of this contribution to International Health of this poor country, just 90 miles south of USA.. It is a good lesson for the future of the world, even if you have little,you can afford to give away a little bit of that little..

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