mardi 28 juin 2011


The Flight, an Air France Boeing 777 left Paris Airport at 12 midnight. After a good flight of 12 hours, we reached Singapour Airport. The only turbulence was over the Bay of Bengal.
I expected a gaggle of Chinese and giggle of asiatique children on board but this flight, like most Air France flights was full to a Tee, not a single seat was vacant in any of the various classes.. but you could count the chinese on the fingers of one hand. Almost every one was European and possibly French.
I was amazed how quiet and well behaved the entire crowd was, no hanging around the galleys drinking beer or chatting loudly disturbing passengers sleeping.
The Best thing about Singapore is its airport, I have to say. so clean and orderly. many flights in, from oceania to europe to asia at Terminal 1 and the arrival hall was crowded to the brim but within a few minutes I was facing a Malay face who stamped my passport within about 30 seconds. I must confess that I looked at the various lines and chose the line with the largest number of Europeans and the least number of Indians.
Free Wi Fi and quiet places to sit down, recheck in for my flight to KL. Another Malay girl at the Jetstar counter and within seconds I was headed for the Departure lounge.
I chose to stand in line behind a couple and quickly my turn came. Fortunately yet another Malay. I had noticed that at Changi airport there is a disproportionate number of Malays and Indians working rather than the majority Chinese.
As he stamped my passport, I said Teremah Kaseh and asked him: Do you know why Singapore government employs Malays at the Immigration, the first contact of many foreigners to the country.
He said, a slightly firm face, politely: No
I have been dying to tell the joke, my chinese friend in Singapore, told me:
It is because Malays are better looking and they give a better impression!

on to Malaysia, which feels like home these days, feel very comfortable...
and my best friend would be waiting at the KLIA..
the first act would be the symbolic Roti Canai.. you may wish to read my blog on Mindless Eating Explained by Raja Yoga.

I am looking forward to my week of Yoga and Life style instructions in the Classical Yoga and of course:
a visit to A Cut Above at Bangasr
Lunch with the Ambassador from Cuba who is going home soon for reassignment
meeting some old friends and making some new ones..
but the best of all rewards
to spend time with my best friend in Asia!