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vendredi 25 février 2011

Homeopathy/Natural Care for Chronic Rhinitis

Natural Remedies for Chronic Rhinitis, Sinusitis and Oro-pharyngitis

If you are one of the multitudes of sufferers, the Chinese are especially burdened with this, of Chronic Rhinitis, you can be sure of multiple visits to your GP.

You would come away with an array of western medications: an antihistamine, a nasal spray, a painkiller perhaps.

I have found in my discussions with General Practitioners as well as ENT specialists that around the world: Havana to Miami to KL, the treatment is more or less standardized.

Are there natural remedies against this chronic problem, which affect a sizeable part of the population?

Yesterday when I had an episode of severe Rhinitis: runny nose with copious secretions, sore throat with a burning sensation, pain over the sinuses, I began to treat myself with the Western Medications, in which I had been trained.

Sudafed Pseudoephedrine 60 mg three times

Pivalone nasal spray Toxicortol about three times as the nose was periodically more congested than the traffic in LA.

Ibuprofen 400 mg three times, to relieve pain.

I looked for Tiger Balm ointment but I couldn't find it in my medical bag!

This morning, after one whole day of western medical treatment, I decided that it is not alleviating the symptoms, as these medications are for getting rid of the symptoms.

What about natural remedies? Which I should have begun initially/ but in a hurry you want to use Western medicine, because in many cases the symptoms are relieved faster with them, at a price of course of side effects.

In France, medical practitioners freely prescribe Homeopathic medications and also suggest other natural remedies.

I have never been in favour of steroid based sprays for nose or ears or eyes.

I fondly thought of my sister friend, Dar, Director of Nursing at Yakama Nation who had given me a large syringe with a rubber tip during our trip together to Cambodia to give conferences to Cambodian Doctors.

Lukewarm water, made saline with salt and push it in one nostril and let it come out of the other one, till you feel the sensation of drowning, she had said jokingly.

In France you can buy these ready-made Neti Pots, which are the ancient Ayurvedic treatment. In France they come in spray cans filled with seawater with a nozzle to inject them into your nostril.

I began the day with a spray of seawater into each of the nostrils.

A doctor earlier had told of the combination of three homeopathic medications

Ipeca 15ch

Argentum nitric belladonna 15 ch

Coccus cactis 15 ch

Medical practitioners would recognize the first two names as part of the therapy for gastrointestinal problems but in other contexts.

To compare the effectiveness of the homeopathic/natural remedy I did not take any of the western medicines today.

Viola, within a few hours, my nose was completely clear and I repeated the treatment once at noon and once in the evening. The symptoms are gone.

Perhaps I will add a 1000 mg Vitamin C and my usual dosage of 1000 iu of Vitamin D.

Other things that are helpful are:

Not to sit close to the computer screen and if possible avoid computer screen for the day

Drink Tea, instead of Coffee. Today I have had Cardamom and also Spice Tea, which one could buy at the Quartier Tamoul in Paris.

I have to take my hat off or shall I say throw the wet handkerchief for the efficacy of Homeopathic/natural treatment!