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dimanche 12 décembre 2010

Yoga Hypertension Affections Gratitude: My days in KL

I have been here one week. The day begins early, wake up and drink at least two glasses of water and then have a shower and get ready for the meditation and breathing exercises, which take about one hour, which passes quickly. The Breathing sessions are conducted by ML, sister of my best friend in Asia, MC. ML explains various forms of breathing and the connections to the general world of living and the body and the connections to the universe and with ease the exercises are carried out.
My BP which has been fluctuating since February of this year. I have done an anthropological observation of what various doctors say about BP, including cardiologists: all suggested, more tests, medications or just ignore it. I was determined to bring it down by non pharmaceutical means.
When i arrived in Singapour after my trip Paris to Miami and Miami to Singapour with various stops, the BP was reading 145/85, which is high for me.
In the one week I have been in KL, my BP has been averaging 120/70 and I attribute this change of 20-25 mm Hg to
a: the way the Yong Sisters have made me feel comfortable and have made sure that my stay is pleasant here in KL. Have gone out of the way to make sure that my breathing exercises and explanations are conducted regularly. ML has cooked meals especially on occasions and then we have gone out out to eat and eaten very well.
So this affection certainly has been a factor in the healing
b: Chakuoka the spiritual leader of the Mexican Kickapoo had spent the morning of the day of my arrival in KL praying for me, requested by my Kickapoo sister, Mena
c: the sacrifice I had to do to be in KL: time away from Paris and its affections, time away from attention to work.
In any case, I am feeling well, a living proof that non western medicine has its role in the maintenance of health. but it has to be done in context and by people who are interested in you as a person and has a relationship with you. Non western cook book type of medicine is no better than the western cook book type of medicine: for this ailment take this medication is very similar to new age yogis saying: for hypertension do this asana..
I plan to bring my experiences back to the Indians in the Rez, so that we can begin to fortify Rez Yoga, and also streghten my relationship with Maestro Pimental in La Habana and promote Yoga in Cuba.
I am writing this from the Historic City of Malacca in Malaysia