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vendredi 17 décembre 2010


In a New York Times Article published on May 3, 1903, the headlines read: No representative of the Race that greeted Columbus could be found in Cuba.
Just think, how often have you heard of Culturally Extinct Group coming back to their previous Cultural niveau?
I am waiting for the Minister of Culture of The Republic of Cuba to answer my question to him: Are there any Indian Culture left in Cuba?
Ten years ago his answer was NO. I wonder whether the new flurry of activities from False Tainos of Baracoa has had any impact officially in Cuba.
Two topics interest me:
Wannabee Indians of Rich Westernized countries, such as the newly formed San Antonio Mission Indians of Texas among the array of Wannabee Indians with vague notions of History.
The Lost Tribes of Israel. i am aware of groups in Uganda, Zimbabwe among others. There is a parallel group much like the False Tainos of Baracoa, in some northern states of Mexico and in Iquitos, Peru and Kai Feng in China.. where there were Jews once upon a time and there is an effort to be born again Jews.
It is an academic interest in the context of Cuba and the developing countries.