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dimanche 14 février 2010

An Unusually Cold winter in Paris

My body truly is made to live in the tropics! whenever I had to spend long periods of time in places where the cold weather predominated, I was not happy and when the temperature rises, so does my good mood.. I loved and still love Miami in the USA, La Habana/Baracoa despite its rains, Kingston was good while it lasted.. most of my travel destinatons have been to warmer climates: South East Asia for example and the Pacific Islands.. among others.
I arrived from KL last sunday and I am writing this from the Paris Airport Terminal 1 (not as elegant as AF terminal 2). In the seven days here, the temperature never rose more than 0 degrees Centigrade and there were always the threat of snow or flurries. This does put a damper on you, in this city which is well covered on foot. I didnt go to any place special nor did I visit any friends.. just at home, writing and reading and savouring the trip that has been, regurgitating the lessons of Yoga and then anticipating yet another cold destination where the American Indians live, but this time it is different... I stand to gain much more than my sacrifices...
I am glad to have friendships and love in various parts of the world, and my life is a motion between affections. I am grateful.
The photo shows the house where I am headed to, the Blue House among the Indians of Nebraska, do drop in if you are in the neighbourhood... meaning, within 500 miles!