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lundi 8 février 2010

News about Malaysia in the French Press.. how unfortunate

Unfortunately, news that comes out of Malaysia, stress upon the unsavoury or ignorance.. the struggle of the country to remain peaceful, prosperous and progressive is never given notice.. but notice about using the word Allah or the minister for religious affairs threatening to visit candle lit dinner places and cheap hotels to castigate Malay couples on Valentines Day or the following .. gets attention.

First of all they make no note of the fact that it took place if I am correct in Sabah and that the accused were judged according to the tribal rules. It comes across as if the price of adultery in Malaysia is just four buffaloes plus fines of 210 euros each!

But the Press coverage is never impartial, they cater to the mindset of the reader. Recently I had a long arguement in India with a friend who contended that Israel is the largest arms trader, which he had read in the local press which is friendly to Hamas and Hizbullah! I tore into him, quoting facts about the Arms traders in India and the Indian government who pop up cruel governments like that in Burma (arms supplied by India) among other countries supported by India. I have noticed that news about Israel is almost always one sided in Asia, with sympathy towards their arab brethren! but the south asians and south east asians only have to go to the Gulf States or Arab states to see how quickly the "brotherhood" disappears. I have never seen anything so close to modern day slavery as that of the South Asian and South East Asian "coolies" in Dubai!
So, when you visit Malaysia, dont bother about Buffaloes (by the way they are Indian waterbuffaloes and not the North American Bison!) but enjoy the hospitality of the multiracial society, excellent food and varied wonders of Nature in Malaysia.. Welcome to Malaysia.. a top 10 destination for tourism in the world in 2010..

Malaisie : ils sont condamnés à payer quatre buffles et un porc pour avoir eu une relation illégitime

Malaisie - La justice malaisienne a condamné un couple, soupçonné d'adultère, à céder cinq animaux, en plus d'une amende.

Un homme et une femme ont été condamnés par la Cour de Penampang à payer chacun une amende de 210 euros environ, pour avoir eu une relation extra-conjugale. Le tribunal a également ordonné que les deux contrevenants dédommagent les parties lésées en leur donnant quatre buffles ainsi qu'un porc. La valeur de ces animaux a été estimée à environ 1.260 euros.Il y a un an, l'épouse de l'homme infidèle avait porté plainte, après avoir découvert les deux tourtereaux en tenue légère dans leur maison secondaire. Les deux amants s'étaient défendus en expliquant à la Cour être juste de très bons amis. Mais cet argument avait été rejeté.