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mardi 18 août 2009

One week of eating in Paris

I came across a good read of a book on Eating in Paris.. Hungry for Paris by Aledander Lobrano, a racounter who delights us with his sensual descriptions of food at 100 best restaurants chosen by him in Paris..after perusing the book at a bookstore in Miami, I wanted to see how many of them i could try and see whether our palates were similar.. i wanted to begin with mild exotic cuisine.. he had only four listed out of the 100..
Higuma a japanese lamen restaurant at rue st honore. au coin des gourmets at rue dante . an established viet restaurant with deep french colonial connections. Liza, at rue de la banque for its cuisine libanaise contemporaine.
I have been very very satisfied with his recommendations and more importantly have enjoyed the meals very much. so from now on, if the restaurant is not in the book, there has to be a good reason to go there..