vendredi 27 avril 2018


SINGAPORE CHANGI airport consistently wins all awards for being the best Airport in the world, a distinction it holds on to, even after these many years.
USA is far behind when it comes to conveniences for the travelling public: the foo offerings are very seldom healthy unless you are in some special airports such as Portland, Oregon. The Lounges are getting better but nothing to hold a candle to when it comes to the conveniences to the travelling public in Asia.
The two best airports in the world are in Asia: Changi and Doha's Hamad International. Most of the best airlines in the world are in Asia (even though they are not in China or India two large countries in terms of population)
Qatar Singapore Cathay Pacific Japan are considered the best airlines even though I hear good things about Garuda and I have a soft spot for Malaysian. an also for their lounge in the satellite at KLIA.
My personal list of good airports 
Hamad in Doha, Changi in Singapore and KLIA in Malaysia. When it comes to lounges it has to be Al Mourjan in Doha and today I will  write about the Krisflyer lounge in Changi Terminal 2
I often wonder why USA fliers who number the largest proportion of flying public put up with such incredibly bad service on their home based airlines, with poor attitudes of Flight Attendants to inedible food and just being treated badly by the staff.. when they are paying such good cash.. No wonder that the entire USA aviation industry is sinking down to a low level of No Service No Frills 
Most airlines in the world will serve you a hot meal on a flight longer than one hour or so, but in the USA you can expect to get a drink and packaged nuts, even in journeys up to 3 hours long.
I arrived at Changi Airport after a 17 hour non stop flight from San Francisco on Singapore Airlines. The hard product: seat and the cabin etc was superb but the service by FAs couldnt be compared to Qatar.
My flight was supposed to leave at 1245 pm and I was at the airport at 8 am having slept in the airport hotel. The airline wouldnt put me on an earlier flight even though there were seats available. Here is the difference with USA: the staff on the ground and on line are usually very helpful. In the USA, I would have been able to leave on an earlier flight. But I was looking forward to enjoying the lounge of Singapore Airlines in Terminal 2

 The Congee was so tasty. There was such a variety of food that I wanted to try all, and just took nips at it. Most of the chinese food had pork in it so couldnt taste them
 Walking around Changi airport is a pleasure, like Hamad it is almost a destination in itself but more so. It is one of the airports where arriving early to enjoy the airport is advised

It was good to observe that at SIN airport, many of the less strenuous jobs were being done by retired people, men and women and immigrants were doing more strenuous jobs. What a change from USA airports where the Flight Attendants are grandmothers and the lounge jobs are almost exclusively done young immigrants.

I enjoyed my stay at the lounge, quiet and hardly any peronal interactions (I prefer the USA lounges for this because you tend to chat with the attendants especially like those who work at the Centurion Lounge in Miami).

I am looking forward to MH Lounge at KLIA
Al Mourjan at Doha 
and the Israeli cuisine at the Centurion Lounge at PHL in the next one week.