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lundi 20 mars 2017


Normally I am very happy when my flight lands in Miami, and I recollect incidents associated with various spots I can recognize from the air. The main purpose of my visits to the USA is to be with the American Indians and the tribes I visit live somewhat isolated and I want to cushion the change whether I am coming from Cuba or Asia or Europe.
Cuba is an excellent place for human interaction. The last couple of months I have been able to host some good friends. On this visit, two couples, one American Indian and the other from Miami, enlivened my experience in Miami and it was so good to discover new places to eat and drink, and more importantly make so many new friends together.
Here I am, at the Charlotte Airport, at the American Airlines Club and trying to realize that I am in the USA. I am afraid to read the newspaper because of the antics of their new president, who would have thought this august presidency would be comparable to North Korean High Command?
Then I think of the hundreds of Cubans lining up at the US embassy in Vedado, with a slight hope of emigrating to this country, with their dreams and hopes. It is unfair to them that I feel unhappy to leave their country and arrive at the country of their dreams. 
During the past stay in Havana, I realized how grateful people were.. especially my two couple friends and also some close cuban friends as well as some new friends I had made, young university graduates.
I am glad that as of tomorrow I will be sheltered by the kindness of American Indians and I look forward to a dinner with my close friends G/M in Miami before leaving these shores once again in 10 days.