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samedi 3 décembre 2016


it was raining when I arrived at the most modern of Dental Laboratories in Asia at a town quite a bit away from Fort Cochin, soon a bus discharges the dentist, Dr Seby Verghese, who had taken the bus, rather than drive the hour and half to this address from his home near the Cochin Airport! I was truly impressed at this sacrifice of this philosopher Dentist!
Recently on arrival at Ernakulam with my brother, I stopped by his office across from Radio Mango and he had three patients who had travelled from USA for their dental care.
I am sure there are not many, perhaps not even one dentist, in all of USA who is as unselfish as Dr Seby Verghese.
Our mutual friend Mr M summed it up: The convenience of the patient is his priority.
He had made that journey through the rainy night to that distant town, to facilitate my dental treatment so that I could leave Fort Cochin the next day for Europe.