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samedi 18 juin 2016


I had been travelling for one month, Etihad Airlines to leave the USA and then visiting Cochin, KL, Malacca, Phnom Penh, Kampong Thom, Siem Reap, Salalah and Brussels. Food in all those places were more than satisfactory. The last stop of my month long journey was the Dutch side of Saint Martin in the West Indies. There I had the first taste of the "americanized" food. 
I called my sister in Miami, my next destination and told her that my tongue and stomach did not feel good after the taste of food at St Martin, and that I will not eat whatever the Airlines offered me on my last leg. 
When I arrived at MIA close to 11 pm and Uber took me to her house by midnight and it was a nice sight at her kitchen, a plate of food waiting for me.

it was a healthy meal and satisfactory one and I promised myself that I will try not to eat any processed food during my ten days stay in the USA
The next morning she had prepared what I had termed many years ago, Genetic Food, the food that ones ancestors ate. 
apart from Guacamole, all the other food: goat cheese, egg, olives, Labne, Olive Oil, pita all would have been consumed by my ancestors and it is a neutral food for those who do not know what their ancestors ate.
While not many people, especially medical professionals and nutritionists paid any attention to what I was saying, scientific studies from Israel has not shown that the metabolism of food one eats depends upon ones genetic and especially Microbiome content rather than the absolute caloric or micro nutrient content.
and they have also shown that there is a relationship between feeding your microbiome the wrong sort of food (like me eating American food) and Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular disease.

Tel Aviv, one of the most technologically advanced cities on Earth, with more start-ups than any where else. No wonder Israel has been called The Start Up nation

We have to think about nutrition in an altogether different fashion.
For those of you who cannot bother to delve into your genetic food, I will give you what 80 year old Pak Lim said to us in Bangkok:
Eat Less and Love More..