lundi 23 mai 2016


Fo-r an airport of this size, BIA has four different Lounges for passengers. I now have visited all the four and enjoyed the facilities 
Serendib is possibly the best if you are there on a short transit, the food and wine selections are good. I must say that the quality of food is similar as it is catered by the same company in all of the four lounges
Serendiva is smaller and less luxurious but has a changing buffet with good service and is quiet and is good place to rest for a while in between flights. One is able to have a nice shower here
Araliya is the lounge used by airlines flying here just once a day such as Qatar or SQ or some Indian airlines or Etihad which has two flights.It can get crowded and the facilities are minimal 
The best place to stay if you have a long layover is the LOTUS LOUNGE, CX uses it, it is also a Priority Pass Lounge
It is quiet and it is not at all crowded and has a small buffet catered by the same people and necessary drinks. you can expect a warm smile at the reception