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dimanche 27 mars 2016


Much new information is coming out, the latest research on individualizing your nutrition to suit your microbiome comes from Israel, to confirm what American Indians have always believed in: Food is the Medicine for the body.
In the USA, one could say that if you are one of those who did not listen to the American Indians, you can be sure you would be eating Medicines as your food!
So, imagine my pleasure when I was presented with the Genetic Food of the Oriental Jews! The person who prepared it is a devout christian, has nothing to do with Oriental or Levantine Jews, but has a genuine love for the food of the Eastern Meditarranean. The result is a delicious meal, most satisfying to your body and your soul and your spirits as well.
all prepared at home, no preservatives added, as natural as you could get..
as we say
hamotzi lehem min ha eretz...