samedi 2 janvier 2016


Walking along the windswept coast of this village which has become a tourist destination for the French, I couldnt but think of the poems of Pablo Neruda who had described with such love the wild coasts of his own narrow country, Chile!
Pero con corazón irremediable
recordé cada signo innecesario
como si sólo deliciosa miel
se anidara en el árbol de mi tierra
y esperé en cada pájaro
el más remoto trino,
el que me despertó desde la infancia
bajo la luz mojada.
Me pareció mejor la tierra pobre
de mi país, el cráter, las arenas,
el rostro mineral de los desiertos
que la copa de luz que me brindaron.

that feeling of loneliness of being an eternal exile, looking for TIERRA in wrong places..always becoming yet another time, an Exile..
But the beauty of this wild coast, the majesty of the sea as the conqueror and the poems of the poet of Isla Negra..all brings a joy, an euphoria beyond description..

Recently I had been exposed to yet another wild coast, by my sister friend from Washington, reminded me of the rain squalls, wind and the foam of this wild coast

Hope this New Year brings you to destinations your heart desires. I hope Leticia in the Amazon; Cochin at the head of Backwaters of Kerala along with my beloved La Habana come into view soon enough!
Other intriguing possibilities include Siem Reap, Cambodia; Doha, Qatar, with Boston added to the Endocrine Society's annual meeting..It would be nice to savour the air of London, how I would love to go to Haifa.. ah well . La vida es un sueno.. let us wait for the unexpected pleasures..