vendredi 11 septembre 2015


When people ask me about my profession, I joyously answer: I am an Anthropologist. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a Medical Doctor, the challenges of diagnoses and the strong personal bonds you build with patients and in my case communities since I have never practiced Medicine on a commercial basis (also called Private Practice)

A young lady from France with an infant in her arms sits next to me, she was very excited. Transplanted to this corner of Amazonia, she is learning about the Indians who live along the Amazon River. We discussed about our moral responsibilities towards Indigenous people whether along the Amazon River or in the Reservations in North America (I am a Consultant to some of them).
She casually mentioned that a few days earlier she had attended a lecture by an Archeology Professor from USP (ah USP in Sao Paolo and fond memories of my previous visits!). She had the brochure still with her, and the name of the Professor was Eduardo Goes Neves and the topic had been: Arqueologia como Ciencia Politica de la Amazona Antigua. I immediately noted down the name (a habit imbued in me by Dr David Kennard). When she heard that I was from Cuba she mentioned a Music teacher in Puerto Narino
We were in a small boat speeding up the river to Puerto Nariño along the Colombian Amazon.
In Puerto Narino, I knocked at the door of Hostel Ayahuasco and a Cuban professor of Music opened the door, soon became friends as only Cubans can become!

Few days later I met Eduardo Goes as well! At USP in Sao Paolo!