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lundi 17 août 2015


I like this sensation.
What part of the brain is stimulated or excited?
AA Flight to BOG. Seat 5H
Two glasses of Australian White wine (Verdelho)
Just watched La Strada directed by Fellini
Anthony Quinn as the young vagabond
Excellent acting by the lead actors.
A movie like this makes you feel fine knowing that you are alive and that you have lived
Listening to Cesaria Evora
Her album Voz D’Amor which contains the song Beijo Roubado
Which I dedicate to a special friend
And thinking of yet another friend who always made sure I ate well
My life is not about conventions or following rules
But about Helping Others (that is why I love Cuba so much where the solidarity reigns supreme)
There is no room for sorrow
There is no room for sadness
At this tender moment
Thinking about a special soul
Whose special day in a few days’ time
I will have a chance to witness.
I can honestly say at this very moment
Very few souls are as content as I am
Thanks for all those who have made it so
I look forward to a sip of wine, while looking at the mountains surrounding Santa Fe de Bogota

And look for the same boatman to take me to Santa Rosa de Lima on the Amazon River
Look forward to meeting some ethnologists at USP, where long time ago Levi-Strauss was a professor
Would the long flight from GRU to AUH, give me some new friends as well?
Stay at the same hotel for the toothy welcome of Kerala Muslims? And chat with the same Uber Driver from Trivandrum, who works in AUH for 17 years all the time separated from his family!
A Jewish reunion at JNB?
Some good friends in CPT?
A special trip to spend a Shabbat with the Last Jew of Cochin
And to spend some time with a very special friend from an ancient Christian family who has promised me a south Indian dinner at the Cochin Yacht Club
At the end of last leg of many flights would be a little voice
I want to be with you, Let us go together and take care of Indians together
I wish all of you who are present in my heart to experience this euphoria
You are not a memory but you are a presence
Memory fades with time

Where is the little girl who once promised her love in the island of San Cristobal? No longer present and the Memory forgotten