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mardi 2 juin 2015



Departure of affections
Does not reside in one place
Returns in the face of a sweet girl
Creates memories with questions
And I feel sad
I tell her
I cannot love you
You deserve loves more passionate than mine
Deeper than the ocean
That surrounds your peninsular land

Thank you for your looks
That smile
I watched your lips
What a pity I cannot be your lover
Someone has to whisper
All the tenderness you sprouted in me
I who adore tropical sunsets
And island evenings
Indoors with aromas of delicious food
You live so far
Under the shadows of mountains
With snowcapped peaks

Your lips giving shape
To the words
From the fountain of your emotions
I feel your emotions
But I look at your lips
“I wonder who is kissing her now.”
All of you can be surrounded by my feeling
You search and feel it
But can’t find its origins
Whether you are in the desert dunes of historical oblivion
Or in the ordered steps of constructed social spaces
Food and music, and the darkness of the world outside
I am alive, heart bathed in light
If distance matters, it lessens
With the heart so alight
I melt into the whiteness of your face
My memory of your face
Comes out of darkness, no one is present
With this happiness
I will follow you through the night
Of such togetherness
In my heart…

"San konno san itta" is a traditional Korean phrase that means:

Over the mountains are mountains.

No matter how life appears at any moment, the path ahead contains countless valleys and peaks.

You might consider questions such as these:
Do you think that you will reach a point in life where there will no longer be challenges and mistakes?

Are difficult times separate from the great joys in life, or are they simply one aspect of a vast landscape?
deliciously named Ice Cream Mountains..