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vendredi 20 février 2015


Who else do you need in Miami, asked my sister, you have me and my husband and also your good friends M and G and all of us like to eat good food. So do your work and eat well and talk well.
There are words in Yiddish which cannot be translated adequately. these words are all lived in experiences. My good friends M and G and I have what we call schmooze sessions. we spend hours with each other talking about a thousand things, and also about things which are close to our heart and which we share an interest in.
The last two schmooze sessions with M and G lasted six and four hours each, always accompanied by good food and good wine. It has become a ritual for me, each time I come to Miami, get together for a schmooze with my friends  M and G.
In 2015, I hope our geographies change a little, I want to show them La Habana before it is overrun by curious Americans, share the beauty of Angkor Wat and acting as their guide! wonderful it would be if L/M can join us too!  I hope to see my sister and her family in Venice and London in July of this year... to return the favour of their hospitality in foreign lands!
Look forward to our next schmooze!
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