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jeudi 13 novembre 2014


The Photo is that of Sitting Bull
Similarity of the American Indian ways of teaching or propagating their philosophy is much is in common with most of the ancient ways of propagation of knowledge.
First the student is selected.
Student becomes aware of his status
And a Teacher appears
It may appear as a miracle, but there is logic behind it.
Look how the Yogic knowledge was propagated.
To prevent its misuse and commercial exploitation, the knowledge of Yoga was kept secret. The elders of the yogic traditions were on the look out for good students and passed on the knowledge secretly their chosen inheritors. The founder of the Yoga Institute in Bombay, the first ever of its kind, Sri Yogendraji came under the tutelage of his teacher. Sri Paramahansa Madhavdasji, who used to take him on long walks, and boat rides and discussed Yoga in private with him. Also the two used to sit down in a cave, to which the other students were forbidden to enter and the teacher and student exchanged thoughts and knowledge was passed on.
I have wondered, whether we call this pre-planned transfer of knowledge of the ancients, selection of the appropriate student, as LUCK in modern terms. Prof. Daniel Mintz, a respected member of our Professional Community in Miami, brought this to my attention. I was telling him of my good fortunes about my work with the poor in Jamaica. Truly, he said, in a subdued fashion, you planned everything properly and when every thing fell into place, as it should, you projected it on to luck, didn't you?
This is what I was thinking, this morning in Brussels, while reading about Karma Yoga, which emphasized that; we should do our duty to the best of our ability.
1.   Do your work with the best intentions of your heart
2.   Participate in your work with full attention and joy
3.   Concentrate in your work, integrating your body, mind and intellect
4.   Remain in the present, do not think about the past or the future
5.   Develop and have faith in what you are doing
I am struggling with no 4, Living in the present or Mindfulness.
As the patterns of our lives change, we have to adapt to various cultural changes and that makes the Mindfulness difficult, as different cultures have differing approach to mindfulness or the view of the future.
The country where I appreciate mindfulness to the most is Cuba and the culture where I enjoy it most is among the Indians.

Emerging nations and economies like Malaysia are insecure about their future and old established economies like USA or Europe are in the grip of Fear. Both of which are not conducive to the full enjoyment of mindfulness.

This morning, my gratitude list include: Dr Daniel Mintz, Miami; Dr Rick Cutfield, Auckland, Miss MYC, NM, NPF