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dimanche 8 juin 2014


I have been fortunate enough to be traveling on an irregularly irregular basis all around the world since 1993, and since 2002 fairly regularly to South East Asia. I have been more than once stranded in Moslem countries on Shabbat evenings and on a recent Pesach, found me seated comfortably on an American Airlines flight to Madrid, much to my consternation.
Starting out and ending in Brussels over the course of 5 weeks..
I lit shabbat candles under various roofs and stars..

at the home of a traditional Kickapoo Indian on the Mexican Border

In Miami, at the home of my sister, she keeps a stash of Shabbat candles for my use

In La Habana, where I even attended the Friday Night services at the Patronato!

One week later, on shabbat, I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Few days later, on the festival of Shabouth, I was in Haifa, Israel

to be back in Brussels in time to light the candles for Shabbat!

I was lucky also to listen to Rabbi Mitch C in Miami, to bring up my Jewish knowledge up a notch
Strangely but interestingly enough, I gave an interview for one hour at in Malaysia, the topic was interesting. Misconceptions about Jews, Judaism and Israel!

ah Well, it has been a good month to have been a Jew!