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samedi 8 mars 2014


It is morning in Miami, Florida, USA, nearly half the world away from a tragedy unfolding over South East Asia.
MH 370 has disappeared over the ocean, piloted by a veteran MH pilot, but without much clue about what happened. The plane is presumed crashed into the sea.

Frequent Fliers are a close knit community and many of us spent the last night glued to our FlyerTalk Forum hoping for some form of miracle and relief from grief. All our hearts go out to the relatives, the parents and children of Chinese tourists who may have been visiting SE Asia, Malaysians going on holiday or family reunions. Families of pilots and flight attendants. They have a deep personal loss but we also feel a loss, as if all the people flying on MH 370 were our brothers and sisters and children.

A tragedy like this touches our primitive emotions, you can feel it in your body. I am 12000 miles away but it is as if I am nearby Kuala Lumpur and being with the bereaved ones, sharing their tears and deep hurt.

I was supposed to leave for KL in three days time, part of the journey was going to be on MH, NRT-KUL but I have postponed it to a week later, long before this incident. Something everything feels too close to the heart, about a country I care about, a region to which I am umbilically connected.

I pray to the Great Spirit to bring solace of whatever sort to those who are grieving. At times like these, the philosophy of the Indians are soothing to the soul: Be Happy with what you have, said one. Yes, I feel closer to my loved ones, hug them and call them and think nice thoughts about the friends scattered around the globe. As the great UmonHon orator Ompatonga once said: Misfortunes can happen anytime, out of season or reason.

It is a sad day for me here in Miami. The sun is shining outside, the ocean breeze soothes but something is missing in the heart.

Let me continue to follow the unfolding of this tragic event. My deep condolences to the families of all, 7 Australians, 2 Kiwis, 3 Americans, 3 French, 12 Indonesians and others, in addition to all the above mentioned.