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mercredi 25 décembre 2013


Miami holds the distinction, unique in this planet, of having the largest number of inhabitants born outside the USA! So unless one is fairly young, you can assume that the average Miamian was born outside the country, with a high predominance of Spanish Speaking south Americans and Caribbean islanders, of which Cubans dominate.

Normally during the Christmas season I am not in Miami, the last time I was here was in 2007 but this time I was in Miami, the day before I was leaving the country once again.

The dinner which was actually Lunch started at 2 pm and ended towards 7 pm.

The menu was varied, with some reference to tradition as well to the taste of some of the guests.

Grilled Lobster

Roast beef


Smoked Turkey


Rice and Peas

Candied sweet potato

Cauliflower plus broccoli and cheese

Yorkshire pudding


Cranberry jelly

Gravy Beef



Christmas pudding /Cake

Brandy Butter

Whipped Cream

Lemon Torte

With some small exceptions, all the food was prepared at the home of my sister, who toiled nearly two days over this menu.

People here do not drink much so one bottle of Moet and Chandon as well as a bottle of Tangley oaks merlot from California were sufficient. There was no Beer or carbonated beverages such as coca cola or other fizzy drinks, even for children.

Around the table were 10 adults, four children and one infant. What was interesting was the cultural composition around the table; England, Jamaica, Cayman island, Australia, Cuba. The conversation was on a friendly tone, no confrontations and no arguments.

People delved into the food and none was left behind. Laughter made people feel lighter and all of us agreed that this is one of the nicest evenings we had spent in a long time!

It is nice to be in Miami