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jeudi 16 mai 2013


It is not often that I get excited about shops and boutiques, but I have to admire when someone takes something so quotidian such as Coffee and make it so elegant a product!
My supply was running low, also wanted to take some with me to the USA, so decided to visit Nespresso Boutique at Luizalaan 1 in Brussel.
The usual subdued elegance as you enter but the Belgian friendliness exhibits itself from the very begining. Whereas the Nespresso boutique at Opera in Paris is an elegant affair and the attendants dressed immaculately, but they lack the smile and spontaneity of their Belgian counterparts.
You are given a number and you ascend a spiral stairways to another floor where your Nespresso capsules are dispensed. I waited for about five minutes before my number was flashed upon the screen. I found myself in front of Desk 2, and unlike the French Ones, this gent greeted me in French and English and our conversation was in English, which wouldn't have been the case in Paris, where they are blissfully ignorant of this most popular idiom.
We talked about various flavours of Nespresso, and I ordered a few of each and then he recommended the latest additions which are stronger than normal. He also made a special Nespresso ID for me, in case I find myself in this neighbourhood of Bruxelles I can come in for a cup of Coffee of my choice.. complimentary of course..

After paying he personally escorts me to the cafe dispenser downstairs and asks for my favourite flavour.. Rosabaya from Colombia I say. He personally fixes me a shot and wishes me well before disappearing.
This level of service I have not received in two of the Paris branches, or in Amsterdam where it is sold in the largest supermarket or Nespresso at Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.
I was quite impressed..
Please note that the tasa for Rosabaya is exactly the same shape and colour as the Capsule for Rosabaya!