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vendredi 8 février 2013



If you think that Indian tribes living in the United States have all forgotten their traditions and are eager to be become brown skinned Americans, I can only say: there are ancient ceremonies being carried out in this great Turtle Island of theirs, almost on a regular basis.
I am very privileged to be informed about the arrival of the New Year among the Kikapu of Mexico. I knew that their new year fell some times in February each year but it had to be announced celestially and interpreted by the Spiritual Leader.
I had been conversing with my adopted sister from the tribe.
She had been waiting for the arrival of the New Year so that she can be fully immersed in the culture for two weeks in their ceremonial territory.

Two days she announced:
Finally The New Year has arrived, according to our Spiritual Leader.
We the outsiders are so fixed upon time and measurement and quantity of life that we forget that these ancient people have different qualities of measurement.
It was about 6 30 pm last night, she wrote again. The skies looked so nice. There was a light rain falling. There was thunder and lightening in the skies so that every tribal member could see.
I am getting ready now, dear brother, to leave work. I have the dry pumpkin seeds and deer ribs ready. I will be on the road in a couple of hours and will be away for ten to eleven days.
I am going to be a REAL Kikapu! For the next ten to twelve days. All of us Kikapu who are working in the USA will be going to our spiritual grounds in Mexico. That place would come alive with all of us there plus up until April there would be a lot of movements in the village there. We have to make the summerhouses ready, get ready for the hot weather to come. Then the winter seeps in December and it looks like it takes a very long time to leave us alone.
Our celebration of the New Year is not with dancing or drinking, but with prayers. It would take 8 or 9 days for all the prayers for all the clans. This get-together with the families is something we wait all year as Indios Kikapu. After the prayers are done we have to do a ceremony for those who had begun their other journey during this past year.
For the next 12 days I would be REAL me, a Kikapu living the name given to me by my relatives and don't have to answer to the name the outsiders have given me.

I had met the Spiritual Leader on more than one occasion in their country in Mexico and he had helped me on more than one occasion. We have to take care of our doctor so that he can take care of us, he joked.

Enjoy your days as your ancestors did long before there was any other foreign tongue heard in this great turtle Island of yours.  May peace be with you.
It is now 11 52 pm in Kuala Lumpur and 10 52 pm in Jakarta, HoChiMinh City and Hanoi.
Millions of people would be celebrating and enjoying the unique festival of the arrival of the New Year. Lunar New Year of the Chinese and the Vietnamese.

Kong Hee Fatt Choy
Chuc Mung Nam Noi

Especially to my dearest Chinese friends in KL, Singapour, Jakarta, Bogor, HCMC and Hanoi.
I feel the happiness of all the people celebrating this Year of the Serpent across South East Asia.