vendredi 14 septembre 2012


This is the last Shabbat before the Jewish New Year 5773.
I had two pieces of news. One about a Jewish Driver in Teheran and about a Persian dish called, Mast-o-Khiar, with a recipe on how to make it.
I happened to be in Omaha, Nebraska waiting for a flight to go to Miami, Florida. My brothers Eliyahu and Itzhak and their families would be spending the Erev Rosh Hashona at the home of an Iranian Jewish family in Portland, Oregon.
This gentleman from Teheran who is Jewish is the kind and generous and gentle is the driver of the bus that takes the workers of a government factory from Teheran to other places. I wanted to wish him and his family and his friends a Happy Jewish New Year. Even though we may never meet him or other Jews who are living in Iran, it is good to let them know that their brothers will not forget about them.

Most of the North Indian food or some cuisine termed Moghlai have Persian origin but spiced up in the subcontinent. It is obvious when you are having some princely cuisine such as Awadi. Each time I taste something new from Iran, I am reminded of their sweeter or spicier cousins, and Mast-o-Khiar was no exception.
A yogurt and cucumber dip with pungency added to it, is a cousin or the origin of North Indian Raita, only the Raita is sweeter and a little spicier.
Suddenly it occurred to me, one of the few Persian Restaurants in this part of the world is in Omaha, why not go there, on this Shabbat night.
As I walked in, the owner, Ahmad, after whom the resto is named was sitting outside with some friends smoking a cigar, welcomed me warmly. I told him: I would like
He said, sit down and I will prepare them for you and disappeared into the kitchen.



Doorg is another yogurt based Persian Drink that has demonstrated health benefits. In fact, a paper was presented at a scientific meeting recently and I was in touch with the principal author of the research.

PERSIAN YOGURT DRINK IS WINNINGDoogh May Lower Heart Disease in DiabeticsDrinking vitamin D-fortified doogh, a Persian yogurt drink, each day may lower risk of heart disease for type 2 diabetics, find researchers in Iran. Doogh improves inflammatory markers in type 2 diabetics, plus the extra calcium adds further anti-inflammatory benefits, notes the study to be published in Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. Researchers say that the vitamin D-fortified drink decreased highly sensitive C-reactive protein, which has a role in inflammation."Our study showed for the first time that adiponectin, a substance secreted by fat tissue that has an anti-inflammatory effect, increased when calcium and vitamin D-fortified doogh was consumed," says lead author Tirang Neyestani, PhD.

Dr N, who was visiting Toronto when I got in touch with him, said that the yogurt in North America has a distinct taste and is very different from the Yogurt in Iran.
Do you know the reason?
I went into a store in Omaha, looked at the Yogurt being sold in the “health” section; it had Corn Starch added to it. I am sure the ill effects of modified cornstarch would swallow up any health benefit of American Yogurt. So if you wish to make, most-o-khiar or raita or doog, please make sure that the ingredients are safe and chemical free.
The night was falling; the street was busy with people out on the town before the cold nights step in these parts.
I sat under the lamps, slowly enjoying these new tastes, reading JK on Culture.

And thinking of my mischpochah…all over the world - בכל רחבי העולם‎

May they always enjoy the thirst for Freedom and Curiosity, which separates us from other nations.
And to those gathered in Portland in the Iranian Jewish home, also the Jewish driver from Teheran… it is good to say thanks.

(here is a little story,arrived from Iran, I  dedicate this  to Betty and her husband and her mischpochah in Portland)
SHAHAB factory is an old factory founded by a Jewish Engineer named Mr Khoramabadi. "When LG was a small shop, SHAHAB was a factory." this is what Mr Khoramabadi used to say. After 1979 revolution, the government took control of all the factories saying that the great deal of money the factories obtain is for all of people. Most of factory owners emigrated abroad, but Mr Khoraabadi remained in Iran; although all his children emigrated abroad. 

He used to came to work even till 10 to 15 years ago. But, he wasn't managing, he only used to go to the laboratory, and work with R&D engineers. 

I guess the driver was hired at that time, and up to now he works here.