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vendredi 11 mars 2011

A Visit to the British Museum: Grandeur and Longing

thai golden café, museum street, central London

visit to the british museum

the same imposing columns, that

greeted a young medical student

from the antipodes

you enter, the first turn to the left, the assyrian

gods greet you, as they have done

all the visitors-past present and future


then a plethora of egyptian

man-gods begging for eternity

where was the statue of the pregnant

woman i used to stand in front of?

what about the statue of the creator?

every memory flooded back

who was with me, then?

what happened to that friend from greece, turkey?

dropped into their new worlds,…and museums.

they are all gone now

but i still have the british museum

it is better to fall in love with the country,

the museum, landscapes

they love you back for ever

not cast you aside, when the ride to freedom

was used up by a jamaican or the cuban, who furnished the opportunity and moved on..

take with you my blessings

you need them, for misery

is what awaits a person who destroys innocent hearts

china, japan, buddhas

climb the stairs after visiting the

enlightenment room

sir hans sloane

a curious person, interested in things

for the sake of knowledge

had commissioned the sketches of

the flowers of suriname

slippers of all continents

they say he was old fashioned even for his time

big ears, the people of rapa nui

priestly things

a maya head of a god

indian gods in miniature

thought of as devils

till some enlightened brit took interest

in the culture that produces

these visions of gods

they worship one god but in its multiple forms

two hours wandering around

and like in the olden days

to break the monotony of medical studies or

share the ebullience of the new knowledge

in medical anthropology

as you gain more knowledge, many of your old friends will leave you, because now they find you

strange, shamanistic, ritualistic

they are too busy with their seconds

to enquire about the ewe of columbia

pass through the americas

a seminole shirt

a photo of a chickasaw woman weaving

baskets, every day objects, which to this day

has significance to the indians

tom kha (coconut curry)

green vegetable curry

indian nervous distrust

of independent action, says norman lewis

about the staff at hotel ashoka in ranchi

rm 52 ancient iran


empire to the east

long before alexander the great

history of persopolis

and xerxes, darius

golden jewelry. pottery

the splendor of the ancient iran

iran in turkey

iran in egypt

invasion of “moghuls” the barbarians of the turkic lands uzbeks tajiks turkmen

new era

great poetry

ancient iran of zoroastrian and spirit worship

and of


Enlightenment, curiosity, knowledge

tolerance and aesthetics

oh! poor Iran of the bearded ones!

BBC4 series

history of the world in 100 objects

by the curator of the British Museum

during the course of a visit

you will see these objects exhibited and highlighted

including a duha of

a taino chief in

which he had allowed Cristobel colon to sit.. it is an honour to be invited.. hope colon understood that? I

I doubt it, as he ended up destroying them. no more tainos and no more duha

time for lunch

and a good choice

good food good atmosphere

no noise calm easy to read

easy to write