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samedi 1 janvier 2011

Express your Gratitude, says the American Indian Wisdom

Gratitude List for 2010

As the year 2010 ends, it is good to recollect those people on whose shoulders the great fortune of 2010 came riding to us. Without them, we as individuals would have been able to accomplish nothing.

The biggest news of the year 2010 was that sister Jackie in Miami was free of Cancer. It was a monumental effort by her and her husband and the medical team taking care of her that she was able to conquer what was thought to be impossible.

celebrating Sister Jackie's good news at LAN pan asian Cafe in Miami

At times we have to be idealistic, and give up our reality check and that which makes us think logically. We had no choice with Sister Jackie except be idealistic and get to the best results. We had lots of help along the way, almost all of them coming from everyday sources in our lives: family, children, innocent and unconditional loves.

Paris, France and Quiberon, Brittany, France. Multiple emotions and understanding the voluminous nature of people’s hearts.

A typical Breton Dinner at Kervallon

Los Indios

HoCank Pow Wow 2010


My heart is in Cuba!

KL in Malaysia

My best friend in Asia and the Hundreds of Good Meals in Asia!

These three are such integral parts of my life that I cannot think of a life without them, even though KL in Malaysia refers to the magical life created there.

Cuba is for me an unending passion and source of love and genuine affection. Nowhere in the world has a country has fallen in love with me and vice versa as with Cuba. Life without Cuba is unthinkable for me. My dear friends in La Habana and the powerful loves from my village at the end of Cuba, Baracoa.

Los Indios, or The Indians of North America who have left their deep roots in my hearts continue to give. This year we welcomed Ruby in Walthill and Yoga united us: Mitexi, MiHu and myself. Their family has become an integral part of my heart. Each and every interaction with Indians when I am among them has contributed to make me a better person. Happy would I be when I can treat others as well as the Indians treat me!

The magical life in Malaysia is the result of the open minded and unending consideration and compassion of my closest friend in Asia and one of my colleagues. It was with her in February 2010 that I began my journey into Yoga and since then all of us, she, me and her sister have benefited not just physically but also emotionally and intellectually and not to mention the arrival of Hafez and Shanameh and Iran at our doorsteps.

Vietnamese Food at Mekong Delta 2010

An my family, my magical family as everything else in my life, Magical creations

In Miami

In Portland


I am so lucky to have so many sister friends, some are colleagues and others are friends in the truest sense of the word. My Meskwakia teacher told me, the reason why we cannot yet call you our friend is that, if you are a friend, according to our tradition, we have to step in front of you and protect you if someone is shooting an arrow at you. One special mention to Mena of the Kickapoo. But other sister friends are scattered over in Dakota Dunes and Yankton in South Dakota, Yakama in Washington, Hocank and UmonHon Nations

Traditional Kickapoo Indians of Mexico

Many others have graced all our lives. Pa Pa Win and EiTho in Chaungtha. Friends in Vietnam and Cambodia, Brasil and China and the entry of Iran and its ancient poetry. Old friends in Melbourne. The Love Birds of Kuala Terengganu. Good Friends made in Malaysia and a good from Baracoa in Bellingham.

Chaungtha, a village on the Andaman Sea in Burma/Myanmar

There is a new player in 2010, whom I am getting used to and who is teaching me humanity at a level that I never thought existed. She has anything but total pleasure and each day I learn something from her. Her blood family has been extraordinarily kind and generous and has made my wanderings possible without guilt.

The person I am most thankful to, she knows that I am full of words of gratitude for her, I don't have to explain it But Indians have taught me that each day you must be thankful for the good things in your life.

Ironically enough this is what was told me by my Pranayama Teacher in KL. Make up a gratitude list each morning and spend a little time thinking about it. This is my gratitude list for the beginning of the year 2011. I want to assure each person in this list that they cross my mind every day if not many times a day.

I don't wish to be ungrateful to Air France and Continental Airlines for the multitudes of upgrades and Lounge access over the course of the year 2010 and not to mention the various trips across the Atlantic and over to Asia in comfort. This year I hope to travel 10 times at least across the Atlantic; the usual four to Asia. It would be nice to make a trip down south to Brasil and Argentina! Two other definite trips are to see family in San Francisco and Portland.

Paris to Munich to Newark to Miami

December 2010

Miami to Frankfurt to Kuala Lumpur

September 2010

Gracias in the language of my heart, Merci Beaucoup in the language of my emotions, Thank you in the language I adore and Muito obrigado and Teremah Kaseh in the other languages that please my ears.

Strangely enough, most Native American Indian Languages do not have a specific word for Thank you. I will explain the philosophy behind it in another blog.