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samedi 17 janvier 2009

What all Happens in the Course of One Day?


Guruji speaks in his broken tones on a clear telephone call from Madras; he wants to do a Pooja, a kind of prayer.. Yes Please, there is no better way than that to evict  bad luck..

News from KT of a PAS victory, a shot in the arm for Malaysian Democracy.

Skype to the rescue, conversations with clear tones to countries to the East.

Getting ready to go to Omaha. 10 50 am Discover that the Rental Car parked in front of the Blue House has been vandalized… 1105 the Policeman is here. Random Vandalism of the Bored Youth… Called Avis 100 miles away to report the damage, both back windows broken and the tyres let out of air.. Exactly two hours later, remember it takes 90 minutes to get to the Blue House from Omaha, a tow truck arrives with a replacement car.  This kind of service you get only in the United States.. Happy to rent from Avis.. over and over again..

A patient calls. Tell him about the vandalism. He lives 30 miles away. Within half an hour he is here. Checking out. Then begins to shovel the snow and clear the path. Sits and chats.

I follow him in my new rental car, to Olive Garden, a kind of an Italian Franchise Mall restaurant.. his favourite he says..I have never been there.. not much of a fan of Americanized food.. he orders Spaghetti with tomato sauce and I have gnocchi Veronese thinking of the days in Buenos Aires..

The night falls quickly. The gorgeous sunset turns into dark night within a few minutes. Snow on the ground but the air has warmed up from its frigid minus 18 F temperature of a couple of days ago.

Now writing these notes.. thinking of my home in Paris, my friends in Malaysia, Japan and my family here and there and as always about Cuba…